After the presentation of the new Fiesta, Ford is preparing feverishly to present the new fourth-generation Focus, so that it hits the roads in 2018. Competition from Astra and Golf is very strong and should be faced and the increasing sales SUV and crossover reducing the share of compact cars.

For the new generation of the 2018 Focus Ford will abandon the logic “One Ford” and will come closer to European philosophy, though the same model will continue to be sold the same worldwide. Responsible for the new Focus will be the Darren Palmer, who was responsible for the new Fiesta and Ka +. The Palmer wants to do it again top the Focus on driving behavior, for this and the new model will come with the same philosophy of the first two generations, since this sector makes the Focus separate and quite popular. This means that you pay based on the set-up of the steering, the suspension geometry in an attempt to make it more “alive” operation. At the same time, we will wait and greater use of high-strength steel to be able to reduce and another weight to help them have better characteristics.

2018 Ford Focus Interior

The new Focus will be based on Global C-car platform of the current model, but will be sophisticated and will have a wider wheelbase to improve the interiors, especially the rooms in the rear. The Focus will follow the logic of the new Fiesta and will not have some cheap standard version and will be available in a sportier ST-line publishing, luxurious Vignale and Active will have some off-road characteristics. In the past, Ford wants to win customers Golf Alltrack and customers who do not want any of the company’s SUV as the Kuga and EcoSport. The Focus Active could be offered with all-wheel drive but will be front-wheel drive.

The interior is expected to follow the Fiesta models with fewer buttons and more functions to be controlled from the 8-inch touch screen. This screen is the basic versions, with the most expensive to even have a larger screen.

2018 Ford Focus Specification and Performance

In engines, the base expect the award-winning 1.0-liter three-cylinder Ecoboost with a yield of 100, 125 and 140 horsepowers. The reduced weight of the new Focus may allow him to be placed and an entry-level version of 85 horsepowers. In diesel will be the new 1.5-liter 85 and 120 horsepowers and the 2.0 liter TDCI as the strongest.

The new Focus will be certainly one of the 13 electric models that Ford has promised by 2020. Global C-car platform is designed to be able to accept hybrid and fully electric versions and the progress made in battery technology it is very likely that both of these versions.

All these changes on Ford Focus will make it an appeal against the latest VW e-Golf and the ever-expanding line-up of hybrid family cars, such as the Hyundai Ioniq and Kia Niro.

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