At the beginning of the week, Toyota unveiled the new Camry with the company does not expect a significant increase in the sales model, as currently crossovers and SUV dominate in terms of sales. As said Bob Carter, vice president of Toyota’s America in an interview at the 2017 North American International Auto Show.

We did 388,000 last year. Give or take, we’re looking at a push. And without a sales increase, the Camry’s annual volume also won’t rise back above 400,000. “That’s not our plan (to hit 400,000 in 2017).

We’re going to build to the market. I think there’s a chance that will happen. We’ve seen that before, where segments typically respond to new product. The midsize segment – there really hasn’t been much new product there in the last couple years.

I think we can start to see some stabilization (of the segment). Even if it stabilizes at its current level, it’s still…a huge segment.

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