Can the M-Sport to preparing feverishly for the final details of the new Ford Fiesta WRC, but it does not mean that it continues to support the existing Ford Fiesta R5.

So, coinciding with the construction of the 200th race for R5 category, the British team showed the evolution of this model, which calls Fiesta R5 EVO2. In 2013, they started the course, the Fiesta R5 has become the most popular choice for competitors around the world, while only 2016 won 159 victories in 29 different countries and holds more wins than any other R5 to market.

Expected to debut in the second quarter of 2017, with the Fiesta R5 EVO2 have improvements to the engine, with an emphasis on increased power and torque without affecting the given current reliability. Changes to the cylinder head, exhaust manifold and valve train have seen performance gains throughout the rev-range which are enough to warrant the launch of a new evolution.

M-Sport Managing Director, Malcolm Wilson OBE, said:

“We’re continually developing our products. Our design team rarely rest on their laurels and are constantly looking to extract further performance from all of our products. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the most competitive package and these recent findings certainly warranted an upgrade.

“There is no doubting that the Fiesta R5 is a great car and our most successful global rally car to date. Back in 2013, we never imagined that we would have 200 cars competing around the globe, but that just goes to show what a success it has become – a fact mirrored in some of the statistics we have seen over the past year alone.

“I fully believe that the Fiesta is one of the best R5s on the market, and we believe that this latest evolution is set to confirm that. We’ve seen some fantastic results from a whole range of championships, and we hope to continue that moving forward.”

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