The updated version of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class for 2017, will bring up a new autonomous technology, which will be the most advanced that has entered production car to date, according to the head of the Research and Development, Ola Kallenius.

It has raised the bar high now for the competition, something which has been typical flagship Mercedes. According to those who then said Kallenius in Detroit, the new autonomous driving system will be able to see a turn and to judge whether the vehicle can pass it to the speed it has. If it considers that it is not possible, then it will only reduce the speed to the level that will be required. Also, he said system in the existing version of the S-Class was able to move and turn only in 80% of the Autobahn streets and a few even highways. The new, however, is going to be operating across the Autobahn and 80% of other highways.

Another revelation made by the same strain, refers to automatic immobilisation of the vehicle, if the system detects the driver has taken his hands from the steering wheel for more than a predetermined time. Then the S-Class will make sure to stop in a safe place and call immediate attention.

Changes mainly inside

There will be no extensive external changes, apart from some minor details on the bumpers and rear lights, so there is no reason to deal with the issue. Conversely, however, the changes will be more inside the model. Plus, the popular single dashboard that all opponents quickly adopted, will be divided into two screens without frame, while running the latest version of the brand entertainment system, “Mercedes Comand”. For handling will still be a switch in the center console, while you see and operate through air gestures. A major aesthetic change of the interior is the new steering wheel, where it now has three spokes, instead of two that had so far.

Finally, as regards engines, we do not see any significant change, only some improvements in emissions and consumption emissions. However, it seems that there will be a hybrid version of the brand system.

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