Last November, the Lotus Exige recorded the fastest ever found in production, the Exige Sport 380, and today shows us the racing version of the release. The Exige Race 380 was made for use on a track, the British company to remain faithful to the doctrine of “massive” Colin Chapman, “Simplify, then add lightness”. Thus, while 1110 kg of the street version only several inaudible, those of the racing fall below the tone, in particular 998 kg, without fluid vehicle. This figure falls another 10 pounds, if you decide to place the car the optional titanium exhaust.

Jean-Marc Gales, CEO of Group Lotus plc, commented: “The Lotus Exige Sport 380 is a real giant slayer on the road, and one of the quickest A to B supercars around. It gave us the ideal platform from which to develop the new Exige Race 380 – a peerless competition car designed to beat the best. By setting its weight below 1000kg, its power to weight is unsurpassed in its class. When lapping Hethel, it’s a phenomenal 1.5 seconds faster than the previous Exige Cup R – a massive performance gain. It’s an unparalleled race car that follows the philosophy of Colin Chapman and we can’t wait for customers to experience its capabilities.”

This was achieved thanks to the use of many carbon parts, the car has a front spoiler, spoiler, diffuser and air intakes, all made of lightweight material. The rear windows are made of polycarbonate, the seats from carbon, the battery is lithium ion, while the wheels are forged and made of lightweight metal, and coated with tires Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2. In addition, Lotus, placed behind two instead four luminaires in order to save an additional 300 grams of weight. The aerodynamic package of the racing Exige produces 240 pounds of vertical downforce at 273 km / h and has brakes AP Racing.

Helping the driver stay on pace, the new Exige Race 380’s colour TFT instrument cluster offers numerous user customisable and programmable screen configurations. Incorporating a track data logger and GPS unit, owners have the opportunity to upgrade this logger with professional data analysis software.

Lotus Exige Race 380 Specification and Engine Performance

Still use V6 3,5-liter engine coming from Toyota, performance 380 bhp at 6,700 rpm with 410 Nm of torque at 5,000 rpm The supercharger has a new pulley increases the filling pressure, the fuel pump to be upgraded, the ECU to bring new arrangements, with the exhaust to be more free. O engine is mated to a six-speed sequential gearbox Xtrac, transferring the movement to the rear axle via a limited slip differential.

For 0-96 km / h takes 3.2 sec. (0.3 sec. Faster than the road version), the Lotus announce that stops the timer on proprietary track of Hethel, in 1: 23.5 seconds, or 1.5 seconds faster than Exige Cup R.

Lotus Exige Race 380 Prices

In UK the Lotus Exige Race 380 starts from £ 99,500, before taxes.

Lotus Exige Race 380 Images Gallery

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