Midsize car that offers a driving experience mainly engaged mostly found in premium brands, but when the all-new Opel Insignia Grand Sport hits the market in early 2017, the enthusiastic driver will need to adjust their orientation.

Opel is only one month after the presentation of the new Insignia Grand Sport, introduced the four-wheel drive version. The four-wheel drive Insignia instead has a classic different rear axle, Opel posts the Twinster, a dual clutch system, combined with torque vectoring and is smart enough to send the torque or in one or both rear wheels, depending on the circumstances.

“The new generation Opel Insignia sets new benchmarks for midsize automobiles” says William F. Bertagni, Vice President Vehicle Engineering Europe. “Torque vectoring represents the state-of-the-art in transmitting power to the road. The new Insignia with torque vectoring all-wheel drive matches the best in the industry when it comes to ‘fun-to-drive’.”

All-wheel drive and torque vectoring is the best way to put a high power to the road – be it wet, dry, icy or covered in snow. But the additional weight and complexity of a conventional torque vectoring system prevents them meet Opel’s high standards of performance and efficiency.

The AWD system is combined with the new 8 speed automatic transmission, with rear multi-link suspension, with FlexRide have three operating modes (Standard, Tour and Sport). It can send a large amount of torque to the rear axle, with Opel to withhold the percentage, by regulating Twinster be done electronically through sensors.

Torque Vectoring also contributes to security by controlling the torque distribution in accordance with changes in throttle position, steering angle and the road surface, so that the amount of yaw damping. This use of intelligent distribution of torque – also known as “yaw damping” – results in a neutral vehicle behavior, making the car more stable and controllable for the driver.

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