With the newly formed unified championship Electric GT World Series is ready to begin this year, the governing body gave the Autosport International exhibition at Birmingham, England, a few details about the racing Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S Specification and Performance

The cars are based on the strongest version of the American electric car, P100D, but has made intensive diet to lose a total of 500 pounds, and of course has the required roll-cage, upgraded suspension and brakes. The electric motors deliver 778 horsepower and 995 Nm, the 100 km / h from a standstill to catch in just 2.1 seconds with the top speed touching 250 km / h.

10 teams will participate with two cars each, with all racing to be identical. They will compete in seven runs in Europe, America and Asia, and for time confirmed the Barcelona slopes of Donington, the Mugello, the Nürburgring and Estoril and others in America. Each event will consist of a test period of 20 minutes, a qualifying period of 30 minutes and two races of 60 km.

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