After Ferrari unveiled its new model, GTC4 Lusso, it is time for other automaker to release rival model. Of all the various bodystyles proliferate in the automotive market, shooting brake remains one of the most obvious. Mercedes used the term on the company sleek CLA and CLS wagon (although they still have a five-door), and create a form GTC4 Ferrari Lusso (like FF before). But what if Jaguar entered the fray with a version of the F-Type?

That’s what X-Tomi has envisioned with this latest rendering, and we must say that we are more attracted. Design took recently updated F-Type 400 Sport as its basis, stretch the top of the cans all the way to the back, giving an extra dose of British coupe utility.

F-Type does not need help in the styling department, either coupe or roadster form. Certainly not in the back, which might be the most beautiful in the business. But the format shooting brake pull at the heartstrings us just the right way.

Throw in all-wheel drive and JLR celebrated 5.0-liter supercharged V8 and Coventry would have (if niche) a serious alternative to Ferrari. Although Maranello recently introduced a version of the turbocharged V8 from GTC4 Lusso price under the model of the twelve-cylinder, which is priced at $ 260k for still more than double that of even the top-of-the-line F-Type SVR – the 575 horsepower come within spitting distance of GTC4 Lusso T 602.

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