The notorious Godzilla has large power reserves within. We have seen how the factory version can stand in front of very expensive supercars. A “usual suspect”, which operates in the improvement area for 20 years, the British Litchfield Motors, comes to celebrate this the station, improving 20 Nissan GT-R Black Edition, taking longer codenamed “LM20” and producing most 675 horsepower with torque of 85 kgf!

This power makes already possible Godzila, a real “supercar-killer”, where the performa 96 km / h comes in 2.5 seconds, the first 160 km / h in 5.7 seconds, with the final touches to the 328 km / h. But to achieve this, several operations were made to increase the strength of the cab.

So, to increase specification Nissan GT-R, the 3.8 liter V6 have larger injectors, larger fuel pumps, freer air intake, Intercooler from Litchfield, cast downpipe and export diameter 102mm with freer catalyst. It is understood that became reprogramming the ECU for even better results.

At the same time, they made and appropriate moves to “tame” this wild and multitudinous herd of horses, so the active safety now made changes to the software of traction systems and stability, and went posts Bilstein Damptronic, combined with springs of Eibach and anti-roll bars. Still, there was a change in the braking system, where now there are discs of Alcon diameter 400mm front and 380mm, which together with new calipers are able to torture the Michelin Pilot Sport 4, which are seated on the alloy Rays Track Edition.

Definitely you will now think that with all this marketing authorization Godzila will go … walk and those who have it will enjoy the track only. But every other! The Litchfield tells us that is the most powerful version of the car, which is for everyday use! In fact she says he can meet customer requests wanting even more power!

Best to let the end. All 20 models will give the Litchfield will be covered by three-year warranty and free maintenance and for the price Nissan GT-R Linchfield, it will cost 110,000 euros, a price that is just 18,000 euros increased from the entry-level version of a GT-R . Not bad for someone who can afford!

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