Porsche has launched test on Mission E and a test mule was caught tested the snow in Scandinavia.

The first electric performance car the German company will come out in 2020 and according to Porsche, will be “something special, a real Porsche”, something completely different from its opponents, and more capable of models Tesla, featuring the technology 919 Hybrid.

Although for the moment there are no details on the technical characteristics of the car, for specification, Porsche Mission E prototype wore two electric motors with 600 horses, 0-100 km / h in 3.5 seconds, with range more than 500 km, with 80% of the battery charging in 15 minutes using a quick charger and range of 400 km.

According to the CEO of Porsche, Oliver Blume, the company will keep almost unchanged the production version of Mission E concept. Blume said the exterior design of the electrical model will be “very similar” to that of the original, with the doors opening upward.

The model will be opposite the Tesla Model S, will go on sale towards the end of the decade, it has codenamed J1 and will be built on a new platform developed by the company. The Porsche to manufacture the car announced recruiting 1,400 people, and has put a target sell 20.000 Mission E annually.

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