2017 Honda S660 Mugen GARU Concept in Tokyo Auto Salon

In Tokyo Auto Salon debuts the Mugen Honda S660 Garu Concept, an extreme prototype based on the Honda S660 mid-engine roadster. Mugen, a Honda racing and tuning subsidiary, has not released any information on Garu, leaving the images to speak for themselves.

It is setting up a subsidiary Honda of Mugen and exterior features a completely new look, with large wheels, new light fixtures, ceiling and controversial aesthetic. From the looks of it, the only part of the exterior of the S660 roadster which remain untouched seems to be head and tail-lights, plus a door handle, for every single body panel is a custom creation.

For power, it comes from 660 ml engine with the help of a turbo produces 64 horsepower. The company says it does not intend to pass on production and leave to see the photos in order to churn your own conclusion about whether you like it or not.

We do not know whether the designer Mugen do it intentionally or not, but we could not help but notice that the front end Garu bears more than a few similarities with the face of the Bugatti Veyron. Mugen makes no word of any plans for production, but this building is usually limited to show and tell only.

Mugen Honda S660 Garu Concept Photos Gallery

New Honda Civic Type R Only With Manual Transmission

Despite previous reports say that the new Honda Civic Type R will be equipped with CVT transmission, two representatives of Honda, said that the new Type R will be available only with manual transmission, since its objective is to offer the maximum driving pleasure.

Rumors started circulating recently that Honda will offer its flagship hot hatch with – perish the thought – a continuously variable transmission, such as those offered on the base Civic.

Listening grimacing idea, because while the automatic equipped Honda Type R may help win over buyers see a Volkswagen Golf R, CVT is almost universally reviled for response puritans rubber-band like and the lack of different teeth to grab and hold.

Fortunately the rumor seemed false. Car and Driver reports that two Honda spokesman negates the report, stated that the new Civic Type R will only be offered with a manual transmission – as will be the next step-down Civic Si.

Only with manual transmission will be equipped and for specification, the new Type R be fitted with the 2.0-liter turbo of the current generation, which will be upgraded and is expected to produce close to 320 horses. Honda’s goal with the new generation of the Civic Type R is getting behind the fastest time front-wheel drive at the Nurburgring.