More Ford Cars Recall for Takata Airbag Defect

Its been few years since Takata Airbag defect came to surface, and yet automakers still continue to recall. Following a previous announcement made by Honda earlier this week, Ford has gone down the same road and is now recalling more vehicles fitted with the defective Takata-made airbag inflators.

The latest action “represents primarily a planned expansion of previously recalled vehicles to new geographic regions”, as the Michigan-based automotive giant explains, covering a total of 816,309 cars, including 654,695 in the US and federalized territories, and 161,174 in Canada.

Included in this list are the 2005-2009 and 2012 Ford Mustang, 2005-2006 GT, 2006-2009 and 2012 Fusion, 2007-2009 Ranger and Edge, 2006-2009 and 2012 Lincoln Zephyr and Lincoln MKZ, 2007-2009 MKX, and 2006-2009 Mercury Milan. Owners of these vehicles will soon be contacted by the manufacturer, informing them of the issue, and after an appointment will be made with an official dealer, technicians will replace the passenger frontal airbag inflator, free of charge.

Ford states that it’s not aware of any injuries or deaths associated with this condition in the aforementioned cars. However, the dangerous airbag inflators, which are known to explode with excessive force in the event of a crash, have already claimed 16 deaths worldwide, and are responsible for more than 150 injuries.

This is How Porsche 917, One of 24 Hours of Le Mans’s Winner New Appearance

One of famous endurance race, the 24 Hours of Le Mans has been held annually but there are only a handful of race-winning cars which have become true icons of motorosport. The Porsche 917 is one of them.

The German supercar brand, Porsche scored its first Le Mans victories with the 917 in 1970 and 1971 and in the year’s since, has become the race’s most successful company, claiming no less than 18 race wins.

Although various versions of the 917 were created with varying sizes of flat-12 engines, most had top speeds approaching the 240 mph (390 km/h) mark, an incredible feat for a racer with the ability to run flat-out for 24 hours straight.

Designed by artist Cleber Santos, are three different modern-day interpretations of the 917, some painted in Gulf Racing liveries and looking absolutely stunning.

The first combines some of the brand’s modern styling traits with those of the original 917. It includes similar rear wheel arches to the Le Mans winner and now benefits from a large central fin, LED headlights and slightly sharper lines.

As for the second and third designs, they mimic the 917 very closely but add touches like new body lines and air intakes, a reshaped windshield and different headlights. This 917 looks really cool automotive renderings.

Matte Military Green BMW M5 by Vorsteiner Have Different Feel

Aftermarket wheels fitted to cars like the BMW M5 has become so common that almost standard practice among car owners. However, the performance of German models wrap in foil Green Military is not something you see every day.

This project comes courtesy of Vorsteiner, bring us their BMW M5 F10 aero program together with their aftermarket Flow Forged wheels. Simultaneously wrap, M5 has been decorated with Vorsteiner VRS aero program that consists of a carbon fiber splitter, a small trunk spoiler lip and rear diffuser. The Vorsteiner VRS aero program for the BMW M5 is built from carbon deals autoclaved Pre-Impregnated best. As a result, this gives stiffness, strength and durability of aerospace superior compared to hand laid carbon fiber composites traditional.

In addition, the German super sedans rose on the set FF 105 Vorsteiner V-Flow Forged wheels finished in Gunmetal Grey finish and measure 20×8.5 in front and 20×10.5 in the rear. Furthermore, the wheel has a Carbon Graphite finish, allowing complex spoke design that will be exhibited. It also works well in solving the visual identity of this vehicle. Check out the full build right below.

Furthermore, the owner of M5 underway with the implementation of Green Military wrap. Of course, not everyone is a first choice, but it adds a touch of rather unique to the M5. It also adds a work clear of aggressive lines and includes high-performance sedan business.

Prefer makeover like this could easily fail, but we think this build just the right touch of custom number without venturing into excessive territory.

2017 BMW M5 by Vorsteiner Images Gallery

2018 Audi Q8 Production Version Appearance

Early this month at 2017 Detroit Auto Show, Audi presenting Q8 Crossover, one typical study that closely mirrors production model adds a little motor show talent to trigger some buzz around them. It does not take much imagination to visualize a more realistic version of these concepts and as is the case with the Ingolstadt premium coupe-crossover.

By changing the look headlights, and toning down the grille, side mirror casing, and the wheels, X-Tomi had taken the car show is much closer to the brothers production, which will sit on top of the Q7 is currently in the range Audi.

2018 Audi Q8 will go after the BMW X6 are already well established and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, although it will be longer and wider than both.

Planned for release sometime in 2018, which will share the Q8 stout mechanical package with the latest Q7, offering a broad lineup of gasoline, diesel and hybrid powertrains.

While the RS version should not be completely out of the question, for the moment, we just heard a plan for SQ8 which will utilize the same engine 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8 diesel found in SQ7, which accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h ( 62 mph) in less than 5 seconds.

Jaguar F-Type Shooting Brake, a Good Rival for Ferrari GTC4

After Ferrari unveiled its new model, GTC4 Lusso, it is time for other automaker to release rival model. Of all the various bodystyles proliferate in the automotive market, shooting brake remains one of the most obvious. Mercedes used the term on the company sleek CLA and CLS wagon (although they still have a five-door), and create a form GTC4 Ferrari Lusso (like FF before). But what if Jaguar entered the fray with a version of the F-Type?

That’s what X-Tomi has envisioned with this latest rendering, and we must say that we are more attracted. Design took recently updated F-Type 400 Sport as its basis, stretch the top of the cans all the way to the back, giving an extra dose of British coupe utility.

F-Type does not need help in the styling department, either coupe or roadster form. Certainly not in the back, which might be the most beautiful in the business. But the format shooting brake pull at the heartstrings us just the right way.

Throw in all-wheel drive and JLR celebrated 5.0-liter supercharged V8 and Coventry would have (if niche) a serious alternative to Ferrari. Although Maranello recently introduced a version of the turbocharged V8 from GTC4 Lusso price under the model of the twelve-cylinder, which is priced at $ 260k for still more than double that of even the top-of-the-line F-Type SVR – the 575 horsepower come within spitting distance of GTC4 Lusso T 602.

New 2018 Mercedes-AMG E63 Prices Starts From €109,837 in Germany

After almost 3 month new generation of Mercedes-AMG E63 officially unveiled, now the car available for order in the domestic market, with other markets to follow soon.

Powered by a V8 engine twin-turbo 4.0-liter that pumps out 571 PS (563 HP) and 750 Nm (553 lb-ft) of torque, the E63 AMG is a member of the most affordable, carries a starting price of € 109.837 ($ 116.848). Although the entry-level model here, 0 to 100 km / h (62 mph) comes in a mind-boggling 3.5 seconds.

For € 121.618 ($ 129.381), a more powerful E63 AMG S became available, using the same model as the lump but massaged to deliver 612 PS (604 HP) and 850 Nm (627 lb-ft) of torque. It allows for a 0 to 100 km / h (62 mph) acceleration that will be made in just 3.3 seconds.

Both cars use a 9-speed automatic transmission standard output channel to the 4Matic AWD. In addition, the eight-cylinder engine can shut down one cylinder banks with cylinder deactivation system, increases fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in ‘Comfort’ mode.

Celebrate the launch of the new Mercedes-AMG E63 is E63 + S 4MATIC Edition 1, an ‘exclusive and distinctive offering’, as the German state. It is available in selenite design magno gray paint finish, or optional design magno night black, and features stripes on the side sill panels, special 20-inch forged wheels and the AMG Night package.

Inside, it will be black Nappa leather seats with yellow stitching, color-coordinated the top of the dashboard, center console, sports steering wheel, floor mats, and an analog clock, with IWC design. There are also carbon fiber trim elements to enhance its sporty attitude. The price for the special edition of the kick off of € 136.910 ($ 145.649).

All three models will arrive in dealerships across Germany this spring.

This is New Lexus LS Coupe to Rival Mercedes-Benz S-Class

It only took a few days after the 2018 Lexus LS ‘world premiere in Detroit for someone to give the brand a next-gen Japanese two-door luxury sedan for Photoshop treatment.

Imagined here by X-Tomi, LS Coupe will try to snatch some sales of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe, the task seems much more difficult than just chasing sedan, which is probably why Lexus has no current plans for such a model.

They look into the ship Lexus must be satisfied both for LS four-door, which will launch no less than 90 countries around the world, and reach the US coast by the end of this year, with pricing to be announced closer to that date, or better yet , much sportier and edgier LC 500.

Lexus LS Specification and Performance

Lexus LS offers new twin-turbo V6 engine 3.5-liter that uses F1 technology and good for 415 horsepower and 442 pound-feet (600 Nm) of torque, allowing for a 0 to 60 mph (96 km / h) run in 4.5 seconds.

Lamborghini Aventador Pikachu to Celebrate Pokemon 50th Anniversary in Japan

These days takes place in Japan’s third largest Modification Auto Show in the world, the Tokyo Auto Salon (you ask, the other two being the SEMA in Las Vegas and the equivalent in Germany, Essen) and the Japanese have oftentimes prove kangaroo that hide them, they made the presence of the specific Lamborghini Aventador, which is painted in the colors of famous character of pokemon, Pikachu.

At least when it comes to the story that we have brought you this far, we’ve divided Pokemon (Go) story into three main categories. We have the pieces are clearly related games, articles about the crash (unfortunately, this is just as obvious) and those that highlight real-life Pokemons.

What do you mean you do not know what Pokemons actually look like? We’re talking about a supercar dressed like these creatures, of course. And the newest tools of this kind is a Lamborghini. We’re dealing with the Lamborghini Aventador 50 Anniversario. While Lamborghini just gifted the world with a special edition of 200 units, 100 coupes and 100 roadsters, owner of Japan decided to dress up as Pikachu his Sant’Agata Bolognese machine.

The machine has been spotted in traffic, in addition to the Diablo which also sports the same theme – we can not guess the characters adorn senior Lambo nose, though.

If you ask us, this Aventador more Dragon Ball Z of Pokemon that we’re talking about the body kit is apparently ready for combat of the V12 machine. Oh, and do not forget badging that: the owner was apparently considered normal “Lamborghini” badge on the rear fascia enough, so he added another one in the front, while using greedy sized sticker on the side of the supercar.

You do not need to be an expert on pop culture to know that Pikachu is the most popular choice when it comes to supercar owners will all cosplay in their rides. Want another example? This Pikachu McLaren 650S should do the trick.

However, do not imagine Pikachu is the only idea that came to mind supercar driver – a case in point with Doraemon McLaren 675 Longtail from Taiwan.

Lamborghini Aventador Pikachu Images

Hyundai Creta pickup got the green light in Brazil

Hyundai is determined to enter the pickup segment market in the world, as in the Detroit exhibition, before two years had shown the Santa Cruz concept. But before three months the Korean company presented at the São Paulo exhibition, the Creta STC original (Sport Truck Concept), a pickup version of Creta, a compact crossover, which will be available in several developing markets around the world.

According to information from Brazil, Creta STC got the green light to go into production and will be released under another name. Expected to occur at the end of the first half, with the launch take place at the end of the same year. This will be released in 2018, and will precede the Santa Cruz, which will be larger in size and more capable.

Logic says that based on HIVE platform, which offers a robust but lightweight body structure, with strong dynamics and increased security. Mechanically, perhaps equipped with two diesel engines (1.4 CRDi and 1.6 CRDi) and a gasoline engine. The latter delivers 123 horsepower and is combined with a 6-speed manual transmission, while the 1.6-liter CRDI VGT diesel engine delivers 128 horses and combined with 6-speed manual gearbox, the motion is transmitted to the front or all-wheel drive.

Tesla Model S New Details for Electric GT World Series

With the newly formed unified championship Electric GT World Series is ready to begin this year, the governing body gave the Autosport International exhibition at Birmingham, England, a few details about the racing Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S Specification and Performance

The cars are based on the strongest version of the American electric car, P100D, but has made intensive diet to lose a total of 500 pounds, and of course has the required roll-cage, upgraded suspension and brakes. The electric motors deliver 778 horsepower and 995 Nm, the 100 km / h from a standstill to catch in just 2.1 seconds with the top speed touching 250 km / h.

10 teams will participate with two cars each, with all racing to be identical. They will compete in seven runs in Europe, America and Asia, and for time confirmed the Barcelona slopes of Donington, the Mugello, the Nürburgring and Estoril and others in America. Each event will consist of a test period of 20 minutes, a qualifying period of 30 minutes and two races of 60 km.